• Cutter KM-9


    The device, which allows you to grind any product to the desired consistency in just a few minutes, is widely used in meat and sausage and confectionery production, performs the functions of a meat grinder, mixer and vegetable cutter:

    ♦ chopping meat, including frozen;

    ♦ chopping vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, nuts, berries and herbs;

    ♦ production of breadcrumbs;

    ♦ kneading any kind of dough;

    ♦ whipping meringues, mousses, creams, pastes and glazes;

    ♦ crushing sugar and spices;

    ♦production of pâtés, cream soups, sauces, salad dressings and curds.

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  • Dough sheeter ТРМ-500 (motor 220V)

    testoraskatka-slideTPM-500 is designed for sheeting dough when preparing pizza, bread, cakes, dumplings and other dough products. One pair of rollers 500 mm long ensures uniform rolling. Sheeting thickness 0…4 mm. The material of the rollers prevents the dough from sticking.

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