The squeezer is designed for household juice expression from berries, chopped fruits and vegetables. It can be easily used for extraction (squeezing) liquid from grated potato when cooking the exquisite traditional Lithuanian zeppelins.

Juice squeezer works on the principle of cold pressing (the device is not heated during operation). This allows saving all the useful properties of fruits. In addition, such devices are suitable for squeezing juice from any fruits, berries or vegetables. This juice squeezer provides getting more juice than the centrifugal model. The main advantage of squeezers of this type is getting more pure juice and saving vitamins, enzymes and other useful nutrients.

Parameter description



screw type

Grid capacity (l, minimum)


Internal grid diameter, mm


Overall dimensions (mm, max.):

 - length

 - width

 - height





Weight (kg, max.)


This product can be used in summer cottages or in places with no electricity.

It consists of welded frame, pan, pressing disk, grid with holes, screw and axis with handles, plate and a linen bag. All food- and juice-contacting parts are made of anti-corrosion stainless steel, so the juices squeezed using our press have the highest quality and can be used not only for preservation, but also for wine making.

The squeezer is operated by manual screw turning. Before starting operation, hard fruits or vegetables should be cut into pieces. For convenience of use, the plate has a channel for juice collection.

Due to our squeezer, You can always enjoy delicious and fresh vitamins in summer and make canned juices for winter.