The equipment is included in the Eurasian Register of Industrial Products.

OR-1 industrial vegetable cutter is designed for cutting blanched root vegetables into slices, sticks or dices. Vegetable cutter is applied in vegetable processing systems.

The vegetable cutter has placement category 4 by GOST 15150-69 and “УХЛ” climatic modification (boreal climate, rooms with artificially controlled climate) for operation at temperatures of not below +10°С in rooms illuminated in accordance with sanitary standards.

OR-1 industrial vegetable cutter is approved under Eurasian Declaration of Conformity (Appendix).

Design features:

  • unloading height is adjusted for convenience of handling dolly usage;
  • loading height allows loading from a conveyor or manually;
  • easy access to cutting tool for maintenance (repair, adjustment or readjustment of cutting parameters);
  • convenience for operating elements sanitation;
  • provides the required operational safety.

Basic technical parameters

Parameter descriptionValue
Productivity when cutting blanched beets into 10 mm thick slices (kg/h, minimum)3 000
Parameters of root crops cutting forms:
- thickness (mm)
- length and width, (mm)
- thickness x width, (mm)
- length, (mm)
- thickness х width х length, (mm)


3 -10
no regulations

3х3, 5х5, 7х7, 10х10
no regulations

7х7х7, 10х10х10

Rated power consumption of electric motor (kW)1,9
Electric motor capacity (kW)1,5
Power supply:
- current type
- rated voltage (V)
- current frequency (Hz
three-phase, alternating
Overall dimensions (mm, maximum):
- length
- width
- height
Weight (kg, maximum)200

Note: there may be some deviations from required geometry in naturally curved parts of root vegetables. Presence of cutting chips caused by cutting tool operation is also possible.

To protect personnel from injuries caused by rotor blades, the hopper of vegetable cutter is covered with a lid. For prevention of injuries from cutting tool, the discharge tray is equipped with a door. The discharge tray cover and door are equipped with microswitches. When any of them is actuated, vegetable cutter stops.

The vegetable cutter can be maintained using standard fitting and assembly tools. Any special tools for maintenance are not required.

Warranty liabilities

Warranty period is 24 months (warranty does not cover the abrasive disk). It starts from the day of putting the machine into operation, but not later than 6 months from the date of machine purchase.

Manufacturing company shall eliminate equipment malfunctions during warranty period, provided that the following conditions are observed:

  1. Observance of all the requirements of “Operating Manual” regarding the machine.
  2. Putting into operation and monthly maintenance is performed by a specialized company (under consumer agreement) in accordance with the list of companies or by other repair companies under written permission of the manufacturer.
  3. Handing over (sending) the copy of signed “Act of machine commissioning” (Annex И) to manufacturing company within 14 days from the day of putting the machine into operation.
  4. Sending (handing over) the “Damage claim” (Annex К), containing the information on machine malfunction, failure of its parts or utilities.

In case of non-observance of any of the above-specified conditions, the manufacturing company disclaims all its warranty liabilities.

Note: the drawn-up “Act of machine commissioning” and “Damage claim” shall be stamped by the consumer and by repair/maintenance company.