The equipment is included in the Eurasian Registry of Industrial Products of the Ministry for Industry and Trade of Russian Federation.

The equipment is included in the Eurasian Registry of Industrial Products of EAEU Member States (manufacturer’s identification No. 200166490).

The company is included in the Registry of bona fide partners of BelCCI.

MT-25-01 dough mixer with a two-speed motor is designed for intensive mixing of yeast and stiff dough. It can be applied in small baking factories, pastry shops and public catering facilities.

First speed is used for dough ingredients mixing (preventing flour from dusting), the second speed (increased) - for kneading of any dough. Two-speed motor allows increasing the machine capacity in comparison with similar machines made by other manufacturers.

The mixer has “У” climatic modification (moderate climate) and placement category 3 (enclosed rooms with natural ventilation) as per GOST 15150-69 for operation at temperatures from +1°С to +40°С.


Main technical specifications of the machine



Simultaneous loading of dough ingredients, kg, not more 
yeast dough
stiff dough


Productivity, kg/h, not less


Power of the installed motor, kw/h


Nominal power consumption, kw, not more


Bowl capacity, l


Overall dimensions, mm, not more: 


Supply main: 
type of current 
nominal voltage, V 
frequency, Hz


Weight, kg, not more


Machine arrangement





Dough mixer






Input device with built-in automatic switch of type BA 47-29, 50 Hz,

time-current characteristic “C”

230/415 TU 2000 AGIE.641.235.003

2 poles, 5.0 A

An automatic switch of specified parameters is an integral part of the machine. Violation of this requirement may result in machine malfunction.


Note: included by customer


3SD6 outdoor-mounted control board with “neutral bus” and grounding bus for double-pole automatic switch


Note: included by customer


Н05VV5-F 5G1 cable (or another similar)

3.2 m

Note: for machine connection to automatic switch

Package set


Package box



МТ-25-01 РЭ

Operating manual


Dough mixer arrangement and operation

The trough filled with dough mix is rotated by electric drive. Simultaneously with trough rotation, screw rotates and mixes the dough. The trough rotating around its axis together with the screw rotating inside the trough ensure thorough dough kneading.

Electrical circuit provides three automatic operation modes:

“1” - In this mode, the machine operates at the lower first speed of tool rotation (trough rotation speed - 12 rpm., screw rotation speed - 120 rpm.);

“2” - In this mode, the machine operates at the higher second speed of tool rotation (trough rotation speed - 24 rpm, screw rotation speed - 240 rpm.);

“Auto” - In this mode, after pushing “START” button, the machine firstly operates at the first (lower) speed during the time determined by time relay located on electrical equipment panel (factory default setting is 90 seconds). After that, the machine automatically switches to the second (higher) tool rotation speed and operates at this speed until “STOP” button is pushed.

To prevent the personnel from injuries, the trough is equipped with a cover with microswitches. When any of them is actuated, the machine stops.

When the trough cover is raised during operation in any of the three modes, the machine stops and after lowering the cover, it resumes operation according to cycle timing. If the machine was stopped by pushing “STOP” button, it should be returned to initial position by turning the red switch clockwise. Operation mode switch is located on the front side of the housing.

Машина тестомесильная МТ-25-01

1 - Electric motor; 2 – Reduction unit; 3 - Machine housing; 4 - Chain drive; 5 - Mixing device - a screw; 6 – Dough trough; 7 - Cover; 8- “START” button; 9- “STOP” button; 10 – Operation mode switch; 11 – Support


Factory packed machine should be transported from the place of delivery to the place of installation and mounting by any covered means of transportation, excluding air transport, in a vertical position, in accordance with goods carriage regulations applicable for these types of transport. After unpacking, check the delivery set for completeness in accordance with Operating Manual clause 1.3.

The machine is installed in an easily accessible place on a flat base (table, cabinet), corresponding to the machine weight. Shock absorbers should be previously attached to housing bottom by four screws with washers.

Place of machine installation should not be accessible to children and disabled people.
All works upon machine connection to electric mains and putting into operation should be performed by specialized service company personnel in accordance with “Electric Installation Code”, “Regulations for Operation of Consumer Electrical Installations” of TCP 181-2009 (02230) technical code of common practice and “Interindustry labor safety rules”, that are applicable in the Republic of Belarus or in accordance with similar regulatory documents applicable in an importing country.

The machine should be connected through an input device with built-in automatic circuit breaker with overload current value of Inom. = 3.0 A.

Warranty liabilities

Warranty period (24 months) starts from the day of putting the machine into operation, but not later than 6 months from the date of machine purchase.

Manufacturing company eliminates malfunctions of the equipment during warranty period on the following terms:

All the requirements of “Operating Manual” for the machine have been observed.

Copy of signed “Act of machine commissioning” has been handed over (sent) to manufacturing company within 14 days from the day of putting the machine into operation.

Signed “Damage claim”, containing the information on machine malfunction, failure of its parts or utilities, has been sent to manufacturing company.

In case of non-observance of any of the above-mentioned terms, the manufacturing company disclaims all its warranty liabilities.

Note: the signed “Act of machine commissioning” and “Damage claim” shall be stamped by the consumer and by the company that performs repair and maintenance.