MA-S household meat mincer is designed for meat and fish mincing, forming of dough for cookies and sausage stuffing. It complies with GOST 4025-95.


Warranty period – 24 months, starting from the day of transferring the mincer to a consumer, unless otherwise provided for by a contract. If it is impossible to determine the date of goods transfer, warranty period starts from the date of meat mincer manufacture.

Basic technical parameters of МА-S household meat mincer

Parameter descriptionValue
Mincing capacity (kg, min.)32
Overall dimensions (mm, max.): 
- length (with no handle) 
- width 
- height (with clamping screw screwed in)
Weight of the device (with no set of accessories, spare parts and packaging) (kg, max.)1,1

МА-С схема


1 - screw; 2 - handle; 3 - support; 4 - screw; 5 - bushing; .6 - clamping nut; 7 - knife;

8 - mincing plate; 9 - screw; 10 - housing; 11 - screw bushing

Figure 1 - Household meat mincer

After operation, disassemble the device, wash the parts in warm water and dry them. Lubricate the knife and mincing plates with unsalted animal fat.

The device should be stored assembled and packed in a dry room at a temperature of not below +5°С.