M3-Rm three-frame honey extractor is designed for household honey extraction from honeycombs. It is manufactured with stainless-steel surfacing.

M3-Rm three-frame honey extractor is manufactured in compliance with TU RB 08840521.001-95.

Warranty period – 12 months, starting from the day of transferring the machine to a consumer, unless otherwise provided for by a contract. If it is impossible to determine the date of goods transfer, warranty period starts from the date of honey extractor manufacture.

Basic technical parameters of honey extractor

Parameter descriptionValue
Number of mounted frames (pcs.)3
Frames allocationchordial
Drive typeV-belt drive
Overall dimensions (mm, max.): 
- length 
- width 
- height
Weight of the device (kg, max.)19,5


1 - housing; 2 - tap; 3 - grid; 4 - rotation unit; 5 - rotation handle; 6 - V-belt drive.

Figure 1 - Three-frame honey extractor

After operation, the honey extractor and its removable parts should be washed in warm water and dried. 

During continuous non-operational periods, it is recommended to lubricate corrodible parts and surfaces with anti-corrosion lubricant and to store them in a dry and clean room with no corrosive substances at a temperature of not below +5°C. Remove the belt from one of V-belt drive pulleys and loosen tap handle.