MIM-150 and MIM-150-01 meat mincers (with 220V drive) have been put into serial manufacturing and are now available for order. They will become essential elements in any food production, will  significantly facilitate the work of cooks and will speed up the process of cooking. Meat mincers are notable for their high productivity, reliability and minimum necessity of maintenance. Due to the worm gear mounted in MIM-prew-mim-150-new150 and MIM-150-01, they are distinguished by silent, smooth and uniform operation. Meat mincers are manufactured with stainless steel facing, equipped with Unger S5 blade system with “revkartofelechistka-mok-400-novinkaerse” function and with attachments for stuffing sausages of various diameters (14 and 24 mm).

MOK-400 root crop pealing machine is an innovation of 2019 in the line of peelers produced by our company. Peeling of root crops is performed due to mechanical action of peeling tools. MOK-400 is notable for improved ergonomics, it has a timer, transparent cover and a new hatch door with reliable locking mechanism. The function of electrical locking of the machine when the cover is opened is aimed at improving operational safety. MOK-400 is equipped with a brand-new peeling disk. The housing has monolithic design.

Our innovation, the PLM-160 band saw in table-mounted version, has compact size and is portable. In the kitchens of cafes, restaurants and canteens, this is the best selection of a band saw for processing meat, fish and poultry. PLM-160 provides straight and even cut, is made of high-quality stainless steel, is easy to maintain, durable and user-friendly. Saw capacity is 300 kg/h, cutting height is 245 mm. Scraper blade has the dimensions of 0.6x16x1570 mm.