“Torgmash” Open Joint Stock Company has a highly developed sales geography and is widely known in thousands of cities in more than 50 countries. Moreover, due to participation in international exhibitions and fairs, its product supply network is even wider.

The enterprise history dates back to 1944. After liberation of the city of Baranovichi from invasion on July 20, small workshops of “Gospromkombinat” enterprise were organized there. They employed about 20 people involved in repairing wheat milling equipment and manufacturing and repairs of special equipment for food industry enterprises.

From September 1, 1946, the workshops were renamed as “Repair and engineering plant for production of plowshares, shellboards for plows and hammers”. Since 1947, the plant started production of shingle machines and sawbenches and in 1948 it started production of fire extinguishing pumps. At the same time, a sector for production of various finish hardware and padlocks was arranged.

1957 started a new era of the plant’s history. The enterprise utilized the production technology of industrial fans and produced 500 units within one year. That same year, the plant was renamed as “The fan equipment plant”.

On October 1, 1960, the plant was renamed as “Trade engineering plant” and started production of equipment for public catering facilities, such as meat mincers, potato peelers, vegetable cutters, wiping machines, refrigerated cabinets, as well as household meat mincers and vegetable cutters, on the basis of the regulation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR and Council of Ministers of the USSR “On the development of industrial branches for trade enterprises and public catering facilities”.

In 1963, casting and assembly shops were built, and the construction of a new manufacturing building was started.

In 1967, manufacturing of batch-operating potato peelers MOK-16 and MOK-50 was started. The peelers were demonstrated at “Inprodmash” international industrial exhibition in Moscow and were awarded a first-class diploma.

In 1976, the plant became a parent enterprise of “Belorustorgmash” Belarusian trade engineering manufacturing group. In 1987, a special engineering department (SKB TM) was created within the group for development of brand-new equipment and modernization of currently manufactured products.

The plant began supplying its products not only to the cities of the Soviet Union, but also to 29 countries of the world, including Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, India, Denmark, Argentina, countries of Eastern Europe and a number of countries with developing economy. The exported equipment included MIM-250 and MIM-500 meat mincers for public catering facilities, MOK-250 и MOK-350 potato peelers, MRO-350 vegetable cutter and SHH-0,56 refrigerating cabinet.

Plant’s products were exhibited at international exhibitions and fairs. The vegetable cutter was highly appreciated by specialists at “Inteko-82” exhibition held in Czechoslovakia in 1982. In 1995, the enterprise was awarded the “Birmingham Torch Award” within the international project “For successful economic survival and development in conditions of social and economic crisis”.

In the context of State re-registration in the Republic of Belarus in 2000, the plant was registered as “Torgmash” republican unitary production enterprise and was recorded into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities under No.200166490.

In December 2004, the plant was granted a certificate of conformity No.BY/112 05.01.031 00410, certifying that quality management system for the production of processing equipment for public catering facilities and trade enterprises complies with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009.

Today “Torgmash” Open Joint-Stock Company, located in the southwestern part of the city of Baranovichi, has all the necessary transport communications and utilities. The company has railway track, that connects it with Baranovichi-Central station. Manufacturing areas of the enterprise occupy 11.67 hectares and are located in 5 main buildings.

The enterprise consists of four main workshops: casting, engineering, blank preparation and welding shop, assembly shop and a great number of auxiliary workshops and sections: tool and experimental shop, electromechanical shop, transportation department etc. Additionally, there arranged a workshop for manufacturing of consumer goods and boiler facility, that produces heat not only for own needs, but also for a number of other enterprises.

The number of company personnel is about a thousand people. Forty percent of them are women. Every fifth employee is younger than 30 years old.

Today, the main task of the company is research and development of high-quality advanced equipment for food processing, that is essential for a modern Customer.

The company has created all the necessary conditions for this: creative potential, high manufacturing capacity and qualified specialists.

The company has survived the test of time, keeping traditions and finding new directions of its development.

The core values of company’s activity throughout all the time of its existence remain unchanged: traditions, quality, reliability